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Soil & Plant

The proprietary technology to vitalize a carrier material, developed for Rebearth, can be applied to different materials, either liquid or solid.

When applied to soil and plant this vitalization effect is transmitted and works to rebalance soil and plant to their optimal state.

Because of the technology being used, no ingredients are added to the carrier material, only very many and very specific frequencies in wave form.

What it does

What you get

+ Healthy Soils      
+ Healthy Plants 
+ Low Costs           
+ Quality Products  
+ Clean Production 
+ Healthier Planet 
+ NO Side Effects 

Regenerative Organic Agriculture

is what we strive for

A well balanced eco-system means flourishing agriculture. Rebearth supports nature in rebalancing many of its systems, resulting in a stable basis for healthy plant growth. 


Bio-stimulation through vitalization, as done by the Rebearth technology, stimulates micro-organisms in the soil to produce the nutrients the plant needs for healthy plant growth. 

Rebearth stimulates and optimizes plant and soil, to survive climate change, like drought, heat and excessive rain and cold. It also arms the plant to fight pests on its own. In almost all cases it increases yields substantially. In specific cases fields thrive, where neighbors, without Rebearth, had a total loss of harvest.


Rebearth seamlessly fits into every farmer practice, to get too: 

High Yielding Regenerative Organic Agriculture, Faster

Farmer holding 12 sachets.jpg

1 Handful is all You Need 

Just 12 sachets of 5ML REBEARTH 5.0 for a whole season for 1 acre, will make you stop worrying about your Soil, your Crops, your Health and your Wallet.

1 Sachet for 1000m2

  1. Use 1 Backpack filled with Water (15-20L)

  2. Add 1 Sachet of REBEARTH (Liquid Version)

  3. Spray 1000m2, mainly on Soil, partly on Plant

  4. Apply 3 times minimum in one season

* see application protocols for specific crops

* apply only on WET soil

* early in the morning or end of the day

* NO protection needed :)

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