REBEARTH is a water-based bio-stimulant. The product stimulates the plant and very specifically soil life. REBEARTH balances soil systems and minerals. It stimulates plant vigour. Gives the plant strength to take up arms against invaders like insects, worms, fleas and fungi, moulds etc. Rebearth is not doing the battle for the plant, but facilitates the plant to do it on its own, like nature is meant to do. It gives the plant the ability to make better root systems, to be better drought and flooding resistant and overcome other harsh conditions.

Can I overdose REBEARTH?

Controlled experiments have shown speedy growth processes, on very high doses. Shorter periods from seed to harvest have been seen (many weeks shorter). Do not exaggerate; this may wear out plant abilities. On trees, like figs, we have seen growth from empty branches to full fruits in 14 days. We used pure product. The plants needed a very long resting period to recover. Speed is not a solution but a disruptor of nature if used too much. This "danger" only occurs when you overdose many hundreds of times the amount needed. See the Applicatiuon Protocols for specifc crops. Feel free to contact us for crops that are not mentioned.

Where can I get REBEARTH?

In Africa we are at the moment focussing on Western Kenya and we are starting in Uganda and Zambia on a very small scale. Please get in contact with us if you want to start testing REBEARTH.

Does REBEARTH replace fertilizers and pesticides?

No, it optimizes the use of available inputs. It generally works very well on hybrids and especially on older native species. However. In most smallholder farmer cases, a +50% increase in harvest is normal when compared to fertilized fields. So when starting to use REBEARTH farmers should test on part of their plot without the use of fertilizers and pesticides and notice the difference when compared with their normal way of farming.

Can REBEARTH be used on heirloom / traditional seeds?

Yes. Especially in this type of seeds we have seen excellent results. If you keep your own seeds it will also improve the overall performance of this seeds over the years. You will adapt the seeds to the micro climate you are using, year after year, like your ancestors have done for millennia.

Can I combine spraying REBEARTH with other inputs?

Yes, you can spray it together, without any harm to the workings of it. Work safe with chemicals though. Rebearth is very safe on its own, a "no risk", "no hazard" product.






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