The Smallhold Farmers of Africa are in need to get better yields and healthier soils to be able to feed their families better and create a brighter future for their children.

In Africa we are solely focused on serving Smallhold Farmers to make their lives better, save their soils and improve their incomes. 

Farmers First

Rice harvest Kisumu - 1.jpeg


Taking part in a large scale test program these rice farmers experienced a much higher yield without any soil born diseases and much better quality rice in a shorter harvest period.

On  this plot they only used REBEARTH

January 2021, Kisumu, County Kenya

In Their Own Words

Farmers are happy to tell us what they experience. And that's the only thing that counts.

See the effects of FAW
Rebearth changed his Life..
Maize test next to each other.
Sorghum and Strigaweed
Huge maize no Termites
SOYA and Aphids
Banana and Root-knots
Kale without Aphids

Farmer Testimonials in English